Our General Services

Find the best quality services at nimrod hotel.
Our services include;

Herbal steam sauna room: A sauna room is available and ofcourse showers to cool off in afterwards. Here you can also enjoy an oil massage after your exertions. We all deserve to enjoy some relaxation time and Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel brings together some ideas for you. The focus is on saunas, massage, health food, steam bath and also the idea of relaxing, such as swimming.

Salon for all hair styles: Find all fashions and styles done in our salons. Ladies have one that provides all salon services including all hair styles, pedicure & manicure, hair drying and makeup. As for gents, feel free to cut any hair style and come out with a great new look. In addition, our salon allows both residents and non residents to enjoy its services.

Children's park: Parents! Nimrod brings you the best offer, you don't have to leave your children at home. At Nimrod, Children are catered for with their own park where they'll play and forget about the world. The Kids' park is watched over 24/7 to keep your children safe and sound. It is also used by other institutes such as kindergartens to entertain children as an additional service at Nimrod.

Conference room: Hold all your meetings including wedding meetings, conference meetings, board meetings from our conference room. It is spacious, quiet and allows privacy if needed. Nimrod also allows our clients to meet their own clients and work partners and discuss about their issues in the conference room at any time. Find all this at Nimrod Hotel, Visit us at our hotel or contact us for more information.

Entertainment Stage: Stress and boredom can be killed with the entertainment got over our stage. If you haven't seen artists live ever, your chance is here, embrance it! Meet all artists including the best artists and upcoming artists. All together, enjoy our gardens as you view the pool and our beautiful gardens plus the drinks and snacks served during entertainment.

Other sercices include; fully furnished and self contained rooms with balconies and TV sets connected to DSTV, Restaurant serving breakfast and lunch with all dishes together with drinks from our bar, Refreshment from the swimming pool which also involves swimming lessons and holding parties along the poolside.

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