A Few Words About Us

unveiling the hidden jewel of luwero's finest hotel - Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel.

Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel is located in Luwero - Kasana, 1km away from the main road. We are surrounded by green forests and beautiful gardens, giving you a smooth atmosphere. Staying with us will be a memorable experience. Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel boasts of standard rooms to make your stay as comfortable as possible. All rooms are self-contained, connected to DSTV and intercom plus 24hr room service.

With an individualised program for each subject supervision, the training in a swimming pool can fortify the mussels of the back, and diminish the risk of suffering pains, also improves the conditions of those who already suffer from them giving a clear on every part of the body.

Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel has a variety of children playing gadgets to keep them entertained. Visiting Nimrod Country Cottages & Resort Hotel will mean peace of mind, since you will also have the assurance that your vacation has been planned by professionals; We provide maximun security for our esteemed customers.

Esteemed Goals

For the Hotel
Increase the hotel's average occupancy level by two precent above the previous year's level.
For the Management
To increase the volume of repeat guest business by 10 percent every year.
For the Guests
Emphasize high quality standards in our rooms and food and beverage divisions.
For the Management
Provide a fair return on investment for our owners through well trained, motivated and enthusiastic employees.

Hotel Team

Mark Johnson
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Bradley Grosh
Vice President, Nimrod Cottages
Jessica Priston
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Sam Kromstain
Vice President and Controller
Olivia Johnson
Chief Supervisor